Get out and explore the San Joaquin River. Here is a list of resources to help you experience the San Joaquin in person.

San Joaquin River Access Guide

This online, interactive map allows you to explore the San Joaquin River’s many recreation opportunities, from the Sierra to the Delta. Find out current news, ways to get involved, and follow the San Joaquin River Guide blog.

San Joaquin River Valley Travel and Tourism Site

There are many ways to enjoy the San Joaquin River Valley from from wineries, museums, farm tours, and amazing cities and towns. Use this site to plan your next adventure in the San Joaquin River Valley.

San Joaquin Birding Trail

If you want to see some great wildlife along the San Joaquin River, here is an online birding trail map that will take you to the best birding spots along the San Joaquin River from the San Luis National Wildlife Refuge where you can see the spectacle of tens of thousands of migratory birds to Louis Park in Stockton, California where you view wildlife in a more urban setting.