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San Joaquin River Restoration Program

The San Joaquin River Restoration Program is a comprehensive long-term effort to restore flows to the San Joaquin River from Friant Dam to the confluence of Merced River and restore a self-sustaining Chinook salmon fishery in the river while reducing or avoiding adverse water supply impacts from restoration flows.

Central Valley Flood Management Planning Program

The purpose of the Central Valley Flood Management Planning Program is to develop a sustainable, integrated flood management plan for areas protected by facilities of the State-Federal flood protection system in the Central Valley.

San Joaquin River Regional Water Quality Monitoring

The main goal of this website is to give users access to the extensive water monitoring data, studies, reports and articles on the San Joaquin River watershed. The watershed has been extensively studied and monitored since the early 1980s and continues to be studied today. These monitoring programs collect samples for a wide range of constituents and cover a wide range of research as well as state and federal regulatory requirements.

San Joaquin River Access Guide

The San Joaquin River begins high in the rugged Sierra Nevada and travels more than 300 miles before reaching the San Francisco Bay. It winds through an iconic American landscape, yet its course and outdoor recreation opportunities are little known to most of the world. Most people are without any information to show how they can enjoy it. That's where this web guide comes in, to show you how it can be enjoyed and cared for.