SJ River Restoration Program Updates

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Final environmental documents released recapturing San Joaquin River Restoration Program flows.

Updated 8-1-2016

I'm For The River

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"This is one of the most powerful rivers on the West Coast. This river is a lifeline"

SJ River Access Guide

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This interactive map allows you to explore the San Joaquin River's many recreation opportunities.


Final Environmental Documents Available for Recapturing San Joaquin River Restoration Program Flows for One Year (8/1/2016)

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Final environmental documents released for Mendota Pool Bypass and Reach 2B Improvements Project (7/8/2016)

The Bureau of Reclamation and the Calif. State Lands Commission have released the Final Environmental Impact Statement/ Environmental Impact Report (EIS/R) for the Mendota Pool Bypass and Reach 2B Channel Improvements Project in Madera and Fresno Counties. The Project includes the construction, operation, and maintenance of the Mendota Pool Bypass and improvements including the operation and maintenance of the San Joaquin River channel to allow Reach 2B to convey at least 4,500 cubic feet per second of flows. Read more here.

Draft Environmental Assessment/Initial Study Released for Porterville Irrigation District In-Lieu Groundwater Project  (6/17/2016)

The Bureau of Reclamation has released for public review a Draft Environmental Assessment (EA)/Initial Study (IS) for a project to construct new water conveyance facilities that would allow Porterville Irrigation District (PID) to supply surface water to 2,120 acres that currently utilize groundwater for irrigation purposes. Read more here.

The San Joaquin River Partnership is a collaboration of 15 private, non-profit organizations committed to seeing the river restored—from its headwaters to the Delta—for future generations. The Partnership ’s mission is to restore a working river to the Valley to benefit its human and natural communities. The Partnership supports the return of flows t o the river to demonstrate that a healthy river can sustain vibrant local economies, provide recreational opportunities to valley residents, and support a major migratory route for birds, salmon, and other native species.